Amanda Lee Lopez | Graphic Designer

Migrant Mothers

of Syria


UI/UX Designer, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Project Manager


Morning Bird Pictures | Bell Fund


Migrant Mothers of Syria is a multiple award-winning interactive web documentary that tells the story of exile and migration through a female lens. It guides the user through these experiences and emotions, and reflects on ideas of home, as being part of a shared human experience that is not confined to any given race, culture, or religion.

Landing page

Once the user begins to scrub the screen, pieces of drawings are revealed.

The user then clicks on the different pieces to uncover the documentary.

Each piece has a video that plays once it has been selected.

As the user clicks through each piece and watches the documentary, the pieces begin to reassemble to form whole pictures.

Once all videos are watched, the user will clearly see that these once torn apart homes, are now put back together.